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We hired Terri to coordinate our wedding in Sonora, CA. From the first call we had with Terri she was very knowledgeable in wedding planning. It was a plus for us that she was local in Sonora because she gave us recommendations on florist, rental company and more. She also connected us with two bartenders for the reception. She was available for us via text, phone calls and email. Once we did a walk-through at the venue, she provided us with planning and timelines for rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. She worked with us to get the timeline right. She provided us with a map of the layout and flow of our guests. She also provided us with a checklist of items that we discussed we would have at the wedding and another checklist of stuff to bring with us, so we didn’t forget. She recommended where to buy a photo backdrop for our DIY photobooth. Which turned out great. She communicated with our vendors to make sure they had the timeline and discussed anything they might need for the wedding. All our vendors were very pleased that she reached out.  During rehearsal she guided us on what to do at the ceremony. Terri was always on time, professional, organized, and ready to go to work. Terri and her team set up and decorated our reception area. I highly recommend Terri and her team for your wedding.
Simona and Chris Leno       October 2023

To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Terri Neher as an Event Coordinator. My husband and I hired Terri to be the Wedding Coordinator for our daughter’s wedding at The Lair of the Bear in Pinecrest, California which took place on August 27, 2022. We had approximately 265 guests in attendance.
From all the candidates that we considered, Terri was the clear choice. It was immediately apparent that she had the perfect skills for the job. From day one of initial conversation with Terri through the end of the wedding day, Terri was always prepared, professional, calm, and hard-working. Throughout our experience with Terri, she shared both practical and creative ideas and exhibited amazing organizational skills. Her time management skills were exemplary. At all times, she had our best interests in mind. Not only did she consistently ask good questions of us, but she actively listened to our answers and responded in our best interests. Terri always met deadlines. And, she was gracious in dealing with all parties involved.
I highly recommend Terri Neher as an Event Coordinator.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Leslie Sullivan                   Aug. 2022

From my first conversation with Terri, I knew she was the perfect person to help coordinate our wedding day! She was available via text, email and phone and always provided experienced answers and ideas. She thought of every little and big detail and was very receptive to the wants and needs of the bride and groom. I was very confident in my vendor team and planning because it was corroborated by Terri and I knew she would pick up the details that I missed. As the wedding got closer, she maintained contact with all the vendors and made sure to coordinate with each person so everyone was on the same page. Though it was an unfamiliar location to Terri, she did her research on the venue and made sure to plan for all aspects. On the day of the wedding, she kept us on schedule and managed all vendors and guests for a seamless experience for all! It was so smooth and stress free. We, as the bride and groom, were following our timeline that Terri helped us create and didn’t have to think about a single detail. Terri is very communicative, personable and experienced. We highly recommend her as your event coordinator and thoroughly enjoyed working with her for our wedding!
Thank you for all that you did to make our day so perfect!
Justice & Livia R. June 2022 at Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angels Camp, CA

Hello happily engaged couple,
We understand where you are right now in the process. You’re excited about the engagement, and the thought of your upcoming wedding. Congratulations. We also know however, that the more you Google looking for answers, the more questions you have! Even if you have a venue, you now need to worry about seating charts, timelines, hairstylists, weather, forest fires, COVID, cleanup- oh my! “Do I even need a wedding planner?” may even be a question that you are pondering- and that is ok!
The good news is, this review that you are reading is the review you need. As partners, we were asking ourselves these same questions. In hindsight, we would have been stupid to not hire Terri/Events Extraordinaire. Should you simply care about the bottom line, then skip the rest of this review and just hire her already! If you are interested to know why, please see below.
Although one of us was skeptical in the value of a wedding planner, I can assure you that Terri’s actions and efforts were invaluable in making our day perfect. From the very first meeting, we were relieved at the methodic approach Terri takes to wedding planning. Your first meetings are simply getting to know each other and learning what the couple wants to achieve with the wedding. Terri fairly listened to both of our ideas and provided unbiased feedback and guidance. These little nudges compounded to big decisions which encouraged us along the wedding planning process.
Speaking of the process, Terri has one. She has timelines, ‘day of’ agenda’s, and planning deadlines that keep not only the couple, but also your vendors on track! Although you may expect the planning process to go smoothly, just as we had, of course life happens. We had a serious issues with one of our main vendors (That we found before working with Terri) the month before the wedding. We promptly referenced Terri’s pre-supplied vendor list and found someone who was more budget friendly, that produced fantastic results. Then, just one week before the wedding, the HMUA dropped out (crazy we know!). Terri picked up her personal cell phone that same day, to step in, and spent the evening with us hunting down alternates. To us, Terri felt like another family member with all of the right tools in her tool box to help us navigate the complex nuances of wedding planning.
On the day of the wedding, we hardly noticed Terri- and I mean that in a good way! Seamlessly behind the scenes, our wedding day and timeline panned out about as perfect as it could be. This letter is a testament to her process, value, and care in wedding planning. We were thankful to have found Terri and now look forward to connecting with her any time we are in the foothills!

Adam and Samantha   Venticello, Murphys, CA   2021 

Terri was the most amazing coordinator. I'm actually writing this over a year later when my husband and I were reminiscing on how great our wedding was and Terri's name came up more than once in the remembrance. We met a few times so that she was sure she knew exactly what we wanted. She made it so easy and helped guide us through some decisions without pushing us one way or another. She had a very streamlined process with the short form we filled out and the questions that she asked us. Day of, we felt so confident that everything was going to be right. We even had a mishap with our rentals and Terri 100% took care of it to where my husband and I hardly knew anything happened.

Thank you so much, Terri!

Nichole and Kevin     Pinecrest Chalet, Pinecrest CA   2021

Terri was our wedding coordinator and we always felt taken care of throughout out the whole process. She helped with timelines and planning, even the small details that can easily get overlooked. She was available for emails, phone calls, and texts so if we had any questions at any time, we were able to get a quick response. Even with the uncertainty of COVID effecting things, she always checked in to see how we were doing, even if she could help with moral support. We really loved working with her, and she really helped during the Wedding day. We barely had to think about our schedule at all as she was working behind the scenes making everything run smoothly. We were able to actually relax and enjoy our big day. Terri and her wonderful assistant Shannon were amazing and we definitely recommend working with them!

Brooke and Niko        Arnold Black Bear Inn, Arnold CA          Oct. 2021

Terri was our guiding light over the past two years. We were supposed to get married in 2020 but due to the pandemic we had to postpone our wedding to 2021. Terri was not only flexible and understanding around our decision to postpone but she helped us every step of the way to make sure everything was aligned. Terri always showed up early, prepared, and calm - which was so needed with all of the unknowns of the pandemic and planning a wedding. She coordinated with all of the vendors and took care of everything the day of so we could just relax and enjoy the day. Our wedding day was perfect and we couldn’t have done it without Terri. We highly recommend working with her! 

Sarah and Jason B.             Hurst Ranch, Jamestown  CA      Sept. 2021

My husband and I worked with Terri at Events Extraordinaire to plan our beautiful wedding in Arnold, CA. In the months before our wedding, Terri helped guide us through the planning process, coordinated with vendors, made organized timelines, ceremony chart and layout plan, and ensured every detail was accounted for. When complications arose with vendors, Terri handled them professionally and made sure they were resolved to our satisfaction.

Everything ran smoothly on the day of the wedding, thanks to Terri's excellent coordination. We were able to focus on each other and enjoy our day without worries. Her personal touches, such as placing appetizers in our room with champagne to enjoy in a moment of privacy after the ceremony, made our day all the more special. She kept us on schedule, managed our vendor team, and coordinated in the background to keep everything on track. Guests had a wonderful time at the event and have been raving to us about it ever since.

Terri s a consummate professional, personable, responsive and easy to work with. We highly recommend Events Extraordinaire to anyone considering her service.

Alena and Yusuf J.      Black Bear Inn, Arnold CA wedding      2021

Terri is an absolute pleasure to work with! With my husband stationed in Japan in the Marines, and myself out of state residing in Florida, trying to put into place our wedding while out of state is no easy task. Originally I came across Terri by accident, while looking for a wedding venue, just somewhere to start and landed upon Terri, and she has been the biggest blessing in making our big day a beautiful, wonderful, seamless success!!We believe that everything happens for a reason so we believe that it was by fate we came across Terri! Let me begin by saying, we originally were not having the best of luck at our first venue, we had to try to make other arrangements quick!! Along with that having to seek a new venue, which is how I fell into Terri directed by faith and prayer! With that being said not only did she make our big day a success, from the beginning the venue we truly wanted did not have our date originally available as a timeframe/day to get married, there were other dates but we truly believed in having our special day on the day we wanted and not wanting to change it, so even with our date not being available, Terri gave us hope! She contacted the venue and what is so amazing about Terri is she works with amazing people as well, with connections and resources, she really knows her stuff! It shows!
Anyways, she did the absolute unimaginable for us, she spoke with the venue and as they have a beautiful drawn out system of how wedding days fall on the calendar and such, Terri did her absolute BEST at getting us our wedding day at the venue we wanted!! And for that immediately I knew we were working with a wonderful great person! We couldn’t thank her enough for even that first step! As the months went on, all of our planning with other great vendors all happened through the phone, with the ones Terri would recommend (also that fell in the lines of our venue too of course :) ) but she made this part and all of our planning so so seamless and absolutely stress free! And that’s all a bride could ask for! Especially with planning from out of state and my husband being stationed out of the country!
If I could rewind the clock I wouldn’t have changed anything about our day! Terri made it so beautiful and all I kept hearing that night from all of our family and friends was how beautifully done our wedding was, and they all had the best time and such a fun time too! We were happy to hear our guests loved our day as much as we did! It’s the little things like that that made it all even so much worth it! With everything going on already at our wedding a bride and grooms least worry should be how our guests are liking the food from our caterer and the music from our dj and so much more, and we were so thankful she recommended the perfect people that are familiar with working with eachother before so it all really was seamless and almost like it was all falling into place! Which is a great feeling to feel and to see before our eyes on our special day! So I just want to say that even with the little details that most brides and grooms and families may overlook, Terri and our vendors she recommended, had it all absolutely covered!! And that’s when you realize even more all the hard work she has put together to have made our special day a beautiful and seamless success!! We truly cannot thank her enough for all she has done! We are very grateful for Terri!

Maria and Victor B.            Nov. 2019

Thank you - thank you - thank you!
TERRI!!! I cannot thank you enough! My family is still talking about what an amazing, professional coordinator you are! I got married at Union Hill Inn on Oct 19, 2019. Due to Union Hill rules, you must use one of the 3 wedding coordinators listed and approved for the venue. I first called Terri and I felt like I immediately hit it off with her. I hadn’t even hired her yet and she spent wayyyy over an hour with me on the phone giving me so many details on what she provides, what things I would need to plan for… everything that goes through a newly engaged persons head that is dying to have a pinterest wedding! I did call one other coordinator, just so I knew I wasn’t going with my first option. I waited and gave it a few days, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how many more questions I wanted to ask Terri because she just knew so much about the venue, the weather/ season, and just all the small wedding details that most people completely forget about. I hired Terri back in August 2018 so I had over a year to plan! Every now and then we would have a surge of emails going back and forth and she always responded as soon as she could. I didn’t need to email her for the entire Winter/Spring season since I was getting married in Fall 2019. But come 2 months before the wedding and she literally became my new best friend LOL We were in constant emailing as I updated her with any changes I made, or things I wanted to include. Fast forward to 2 days before my wedding… my hair/makeup company cancelled on me! I texted Terri in a panic, and I was literally crying on the phone cause I didn’t know what to do! She immediately calmed me down and started trying to find someone local who might be available. Im so thankful to Terri and Joleen (my photographer) for reaching out to people on such short notice. I luckily had 2 amazing ladies who are local that were able to come and do me and my bridal party. Terri even checked up on my later in the day just to make sure I was ok. Fast forward now to the wedding day… Terri had her work cut out for her and her assistant with my huge family and guest count… close to 188ppl. She did amazing job corralling people, and helping everyone through the night (especially since we lost one of the table seatings). I worked out this picture perfect schedule of how the night would be.. but it totally got thrown out amongst the chaos and just having a good time. Terri was my alarm clock, she always found me to quietly remind me we still need to do cake cutting, dances, toasts. I never once looked at the clock, even though my wedding dress had pockets and I kept my phone on me the whole night! lol Her team is amazing too! They set up the reception hall beautifully before I arrived the day before (Especially since I was an hour late). It was such a pleasure and honor to work with Terri! I don’t know how she does it! I never want to plan another wedding again!

Nicole and Richie S.            Oct. 2019

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work this weekend. I am so incredibly happy you were our coordinator. The weekend went honestly completely flawlessly and that’s because of you!! Thank you for the last minute changes and keeping on your toes. It was such a beautiful night. Brent and I forever thank you and will keep you in mind if anyone ever needs a coordinator in future!   Thank you again
Courtney and Brent L.    June 2019 Wedding at Zuni Vineyards, Sonora CA

We hired Terri to be our day-of coordinator for our wedding at Union Hill Inn & we could not have made a better decision! From the first phone call we were convinced Terri was perfect person to help us with our special day. Terri has a very calming and experienced presence about her and we were so happy to have her on our team throughout the process. Terri was so helpful in giving us recommendations and tips because she knows the area, knows the best vendors to book and knows the wedding venue like the back of her hand. Her experience shows through in all aspects of the planning and preparation process clearly having done it so many times.  I was amazed how Terri makes you feel like your wedding is the most important event on her mind and that is a skill that shouldn't be overlooked. The best part about Terri was her expertise on the weekend of our wedding. From the wedding set-up, to management of our timeline, to the take-down and cleanup- she seemed to be in 10 places all at once making sure everything went smoothly. If you want someone to take over the organization & details so you can have a fun & relaxed wedding day - go with Terri!
Thank you again for all that you did to make our day so special. It truly was the best day. 
Tisza & Taylor            June 2019

Terri was such an asset to have on our wedding day and leading up to the day. We got married at Union Hill Inn in Sonora, but we live over 3 hours away, and all of our guests were coming from at least 2 hours away. Terri made sure all the details were worked out in advance for our wedding (which was heavy on the DIY stuff), and did her very best to ensure all the last-minute issues were ironed out. She went above and beyond anything I expected from her to make our wedding day almost no stress at all!  The whole wedding was such a success, we still (months later) have people telling us how amazing it was, and I know that the smoothness of the day was enabled by Terri. I highly recommend her services as wedding coordinator.

Jessica and Steven       April 2019

Terri was very helpful, calming, and very organized. She really made my wedding weekend stress free. She was an amazing buffer between us and all the vendors. She helped me stay calm and kept everything organized and on track. I don't know what I would have done with out her! You won't be disappointed. She knows weddings and is full of great ideas. I highly recommend her.

Kynsey and Mike       March 2019

Terri was awesome, every step of the way she made it as stress free as possible on the big day. My wedding turned out beautiful and just how I pictured it in my head. It was all thanks to Terri. 
Sincerely, Laney W              Nov. 2018

We wanted to tell you and your staff what a fantastic job you did helping us with all of our wedding plans !!!!

You were so patient and listened to all of our requests and kept me calm and on tract .... You truly are the best, so thorough, and worth every bit of your fee...  I couldn’t have done this without you !!! 

The wedding was beautiful and wouldn’t have been as successful without you assistance!!!!!

We all hope you have a great spring and summer..

Terry and Gail Higgins  (parents of bride)      March 2019

Hi Terri,
I just wanted to thank you for helping to make Courtney and Mark’s special day absolutely perfect.  We appreciate the time you spent with us early on showing us the Union Hill and providing vendors that turned out to be the “A” team.  Those included;  The Lunch Lady Catering,  Sweet Lilac’s Flowers, Butter and Cream Desserts, Cori Delgado Photography, Mother Lode Transportation, Standard Party Rentals to name a few.    
Although I thought the days leading up the wedding would be stressful, especially the day before and day of, I was pleasantly surprised.  You walked us through each step and everything was handled beautifully.  

We appreciated the offer to help us “paint out” the welcome sign as you knew it was the one item we weren’t excited about.  That goes to show how much you were prepared to go above and beyond!  Courtney never stressed out a bit and she was so touched by your visit and gifting her with a handkerchief to use during the ceremony.  We also were touched by the photos & videos you took and then shared with us!  Thank you. . .
We will certainly recommend you to anyone who is getting married in the Sonora area.  You are fabulous and we can’t thank you enough.

Debbie R         Jan. 2019

We are so happy and blessed that you were our coordinator! You did an amazing job keeping everyone in line and helping us have the perfect wedding ever! Because of your help I can honestly say it was the happiest weekend of my life. Thank you!
Very warm regards,
Mallory Ramirez                          Dec. 2018

We are extremely happy! We felt very comfortable with you from the beginning since you were so familiar with UHI and the other vendors. Your communication skills were quick and thorough. You answered all of our questions. You were very organized.

Day of, everything went without a hitch. We even had family and guests tell us how awesome our coordinator was. It was a beautiful day and everything was perfect to us. We can’t thank you enough. It was so wonderful working with you.


Sara and Ashley Friscia-Coffey        Nov 2018

Hi Terri - Thanks again for everything on Saturday. The wedding went so smoothly and we  had such a great time. Could not have done it without your amazing help. When I was walking down the aisle I was totally moved by how magical and transformed the entire area looked and loved seeing all of the decor and how it was arranged and placed in the most perfect ways. Guests had a great time as well. Overall the night went totally above and beyond my expectations...Sean and I are still reminiscing over the fun memories that we will have forever.

Alice and Sean G.     Sept. 2018    Pinecrest Chalet Wedding

Terri, This weekend couldn't have been more perfect. We had pretty high expectations, but all of them were far exceeded, and it all is due to your hard work and expertise! You were so amazing the whole night. You made our lives so easy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Miranda and Nick H.      Sept. 2018

This (photo of couple celebrating immediately following the wedding ceremony) says it all, and you made it happen!! No stone was left unturned! Thanks for being you!

Debbie S. (Miranda's mother)    Sept. 2018

Terri paid special attention to the details of our wedding day and made the day flow smoothly without worry. We greatly appreciate her dedication to making our day so incredible. We could not have pictured how much love and support we felt during the day and Terri added to those feelings. Thank you, Terri, for your time and effort.
Alyssa and Carlos             Apr. 2018

Thank you so much Terri!  It was such an amazing day, we could not have done it without you.  I’ll be sure to write a recommendation when I’m back at home. 
Thank you for all the pictures and for guiding us through the best day ever!
Markelle and Kyle       Aug. 2018

I cannot express how wonderful it was to have Terri as our coordinator. From the moment I reached out to her to see if she was available to be our coordinator to the day and weeks after the wedding. I felt like I have known Terri for years, she made me feel so comfortable through the whole planning process. She was a call, email or text away at all times. She went above and beyond anything I had expected. I am an organized person already but I could not have done this without her. If we had any problems come the day of the wedding I surely did not know about it, Terri and her team were amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a wedding coordinator, she will ensure every little detail is covered. Thank you  so much Terri for making our wedding day so easy and carefree for us, we are forever grateful!

Morgan and Andrew           Aug. 2018

Our wedding at Union Hill Inn was absolutely perfect, and it was all thanks to Terri and her amazing team! Terri was the first vendor we selected and throughout the entire process she was readily available to answer any and all of my questions/concerns. What really made me feel confident in my decision of choosing Terri was that when I met with my other vendors, they all raved about what a beautiful wedding I was going to have with her. And right they all were. During the wedding weekend, I forgot some details but Terri worked around what I had and created a beautiful reception. Even though I wasn’t present to see the hard work that was put into setting up, I certainly saw all of their efforts in the beautiful product that was our wedding. I would highly recommend Terri’s services to anyone who is looking for a warm, accommodating, creative, and professional wedding coordinator. Thank you so very much!

Lauren and Cory Fisher      July 2018

Hi Terri,
I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you again for everything you did to help make Dana’s wedding exactly what she wanted it to be. You were amazing. Thanks again for everything.
Shari G.  (Dana's mother)     July 2018

Review:   5 Stars! 
My husband and I had our wedding at Union Hill Inn and we chose Terri Neher because she was the most experienced and highly recommended! We definitely chose right, Terri went above and beyond for us. She handled every little thing the day of and had us completely organized leading up too it. I had no idea what I was doing planning a wedding and any questions or concerns I had Terri had it covered. That comes with experience and being on top of it and Terri was:) On the day of I didn't have to worry about a thing. Anything I didn't think of Terri had which on your wedding day is exactly what you need. She was so pleasant to work with and is extremely efficient! You will be so happy with your experience with her:) 
Thank you again! 
Kory and Dana Kovac            July 2018

Terri and her team are AMAZING! I mean, truly!

Terri is so detailed and mindful in her planning. We couldn’t have had such an incredible weekend without her. She went above and beyond for us. Not only did she make everything so seamless by coordinating with our vendors, helping with the design, and executing our wedding vision, she also kept us calm and made sure that Joe and I didn't crumble from the chaos!
She knows the ins and outs of the Union Hill Inn. She's even an expert of the dimensions of everything in every location at the UHI! This helped so much since we live 3 hours away and visiting the venue was difficult to do. She helped us through any concerns and even helped us find a replacement vendor so close to the wedding date. We can't express enough how kind Terri and her team are and how lucky we feel to have snagged her as our coordinator. 
Thank you Terri for being such a pleasure to work with. We loved that your excitement and energy matched ours. That really helped make the day more special. 
We promise that Terri will blow you away and you will be SO thrilled to have worked together. We want to just get married again so we can relive it and work together once more!
Thank you so much Terri and team. You are the absolute best!
Janet & Joe Jin              May 2018

Terri and her team were wonderful! I had my wedding at Union Hill Inn in Sonora, and they know the place inside and out. She helped me create my vision, answered all my questions, gave me suggestions and referrals, and helped with set up and rehearsal. On the day of, she was organized and present, kept our wedding on track, and best of all kept me from worrying about anything so that I could enjoy the day! I am so thankful to her and her team for everything that they did to make our weekend special! And it wouldn't have gone so seamlessly without her and all her hard work.  She is amazing!
Thank you again so much for everything! Adam and I had the best weekend and are so thankful for everyone who helped make it what it was :) 
Thank you!!!
-Brittney and Adam            May 5, 2018

It is with great and honest pleasure to recommend Terri with Events Extraordinaire in Sonora CA to assist you with you upcoming wedding or any party planning you may have in the future. Terri is not only extremely pleasant to work with, but truly built a family friendship while working with us. The first thing we looked for while vetting services, was made with many phone calls, as I am sure you will do. We looked for someone that was friendly, personable and didn’t make us feel rushed like they had a call waiting. She was instantly questioning us, our lives, who we are, how we met, what we liked and took me and my wife by complete surprise. We instantly felt a great connection with Terri prior to seeing her in action.
  Terri proved high excellence with her services during the process of planning and the magic all came together the day of the wedding! She has everything plotted, planned and will make your day what you want without flaw. She made us feel worriless with the planning of the most magical wedding we could have ever imagined. She is very responsive to emails and phone calls as we had many questions. She would frequently check in with us to make sure our target date and goals were met, while still offering her help should we need it. Her advice and expertise were extremely helpful with planning our event.
  Terri is completely in tune with the ins and outs of everything needed. She works extremely well with the planning of other services needed to make the party flow without any issue. We had an amazing plan that was designed and carried out the day of by Terri, and I am sure she would do the same for you. An extreme pleasure working with Terri and we will make it my goal to hire or even just invite to her to all upcoming events me and my wife plan. Not only are her services great, but just a great friend in general.
Thank you sooooooo much Terri!
Sara and Ben S.            April 2018

Terri Neher was our wedding planner for our wedding at Union Hill Inn. From the get go, she was extremely professional, clear on what her services entail, and lovely to interact with. She has tons of experience which comes through as she met and spoke with us several times over the course of planning our wedding. On our second meeting, she came armed with several pages of questions that addressed details of our wedding that we hadn’t even considered so that she knew what to do. She knew all of the (many) rules of our venue that we needed to follow and kept us from breaking any. Terri also knows most of the wedding vendors in the area and provided us an extensive list of people to work with. We ended up working with several vendors from this list and were very happy with their services. On the day of the wedding, Terri kept the event running smoothly and on time. She responds to emails, phone calls and texts quickly and in detail, has tons of experience (it shows!) and is a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend hiring Terri to coordinate your wedding.—

Michelle Wallace + Brendan Kober          Mar. 2018

Terri Neher and her team at Events Extraordinaire played a huge role in making my wedding amazing!! Terri helped me throughout the wedding planning process bysuggesting caterers, bakeries, helping me buy event insurance and creating a timeline for all the little details you don’t even know a wedding entails...well at least that i didn’tknow. Once the wedding got closer Terri reached out to all the vendors and coordinated everything. During the wedding weekend Terri and her staff helped welcome my familyand friends and really tried and succeeded at making me, the bride, feel as though the whole day was about me and I didn’t have to lift a finger. She added finishing touches on
decor, corralled all the family through the tight schedule all the while dealing with flowers, music, cake, etc. I could not have envisioned a more perfect wedding day so I am eternally grateful to Terri and her Events Extraordinaire team.

Thank you so very much!

Suzette C         Jan. 2018

Dear Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.,
We are writing you to recommend Terri with Events Extraordinaire in Sonora to help plan your upcoming wedding.
Terri was absolutely amazing in helping us plan our February wedding. Any questions we had she got back to us right away and always had an answer, even if we were still a year out from our wedding date. She helped make all of our visions come to life, and I could not be happier with everything she did for us.
Based on our experience together, we can confidently recommend Terri to plan the wedding of your dreams. She is very knowledgeable with all of the vendors she recommends, they all work extremely well together. Her timeline that she made for our wedding was completely accurate; she never missed a beat with anything.
We hope that you choose Terri to plan your wedding, you will not be disappointed.
Ryan & Jessica Hebert     Feb 2018

Terri was a blessing to our wedding!! She made our day and whole process feel like a breeze. She was always there to answer any question big or small, remind you of little details that are often forgotten, and made sure that your wedding dreams were happening!

Hannah and Nate M.    Feb. 2018

Dear Terri,
We want to take a few minutes to express our gratitude for all you’ve done. We never quite fully understood what a wedding planner does until we saw you in action. You had taken our vision and made it reality. You took the time to be very detail oriented and asked all the questions we hadn’t thought of. We never felt rushed or that our questions and concerns weren’t valid. You listened despite how long winded we both could be. We felt relieved from the moment we met; you were all the things this scattered brained bride and groom weren’t. You were calm, organized, and thorough. We have to admit, living a ways away from out venue had us both concerned. We were scared that things wouldn’t work out. You helped calm our fears and gave us the reassurance we needed. The day of our wedding came and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome. It was exactly what we had envisioned and what you had told us to expect. The amount of ease we felt having you there to run thing smoothly is priceless! We can’t begin to thank you enough! Everyone expressed how flawless everything was and how smooth things ran. You took care of every detail and went above and beyond! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. You helped us celebrate with ease and we can’t begin to thank you enough.
Amanda & Nicolaj S     Oct. 2017

Terri was absolutely amazing! Terri made our wedding day stress free, and we were able to focus on enjoying our day! Terri made sure she was aware of all the details that were important to us, and she helped turn our vision into reality! 

Stacey and Nick T.   Aug. 2017

I would like to thank Terri and her Events Extraordinaire team for making my wedding so incredible!  Their personal commitment to making my wedding perfect (beautiful, organized and timely) exceeded my expectations.  Terri and her team were recommended by a friend and I am so happy that we chose them.  Terri was knowledgeable and prepared for all of our pre-wedding meetings.  Her relationships with many other local vendors also helped us save money (which was an added bonus).  She took time to understand our vision in advance so the team could execute it with little direction.  She planned so effectively and asked all the right questions up front so she knew what needed to be done long before the wedding start.  She also made recommendations to make our wedding even more special.  The ring warming was an amazing addition to our ceremony thanks to her. The day was stress-free thanks to her leadership and coordination.  She and her team were proactive and set up the reception space beautifully.  She coordinated with all of the vendors and wrangled our families (which is a huge task in itself) to ensure we all stayed on schedule.
More than anything, Terri cares about her clients.  She personally vests in every event and adds personal touches to make sure your wedding is uniquely you. Post-wedding, I was really upset because we lost our cake cutters.  Although her job was officially done, she went back to the venue, found them, and sent them to me.  This was just one of the many examples of their commitment to going above and beyond.  For all that she provides, her services are a huge value!  I'm happy to recommend the services of Terri and her folks at Events Extraordinaire.  Thanks to them, we were able to plan a 200+ person wedding in less than 4 months.  Everything went flawlessly!

Christin and Geoff R        May 2017

Thank you so much for everything, Terri. You are phenomenal and made our day so easy.

Lindsey and Matt          Feb 2017

Thank you so much, Terri!

We couldn't have done it without you!

Megan and Kevin G      Mar 2017

The whole day was just magical!  Thank you so much.

Jennifer and Larry     Apr 2017

Thank you so much for your great advice and knowledge. We literally couldn't have done it without you! Hope your holidays are wonderful and wishing you a prosperous 2017.

Coleen and Joe         Nov 2016

Thank you for all of your help in making our dream wedding come true! It truly was the happiest day of our lives and everything about it was perfect. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you so much!

Much love, Jonathan and Karen    Mar 2017

Thank you so much for all of your work on our wedding. It went off without a hitch and we know that's thanks to you!

Enjoy the wine!
Emily and Michael  .     Dec. 2016

Hope you had an amazing holiday! We wanted to thank you for all that you did for the wedding and how everything ran. It couldn't have been more perfect then what we imagined. Thank you for everything! We hope to see you in the future and appreciate all that you have done :) Best wishes!
The Browns-Lizzy & Kellen      Dec. 2016

Dear Terri,  I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work you and your staff put towards our special day! Marcos and I were completely blown away by every single part of our wedding! Even the moments before the ceremony you and your staff made sure everything and everyone was ready to go! The reception hall... can we say WOW! The reception hall was set up exactly to what I envisioned, I loved it! :) 
Your professionalism and your knowledge of not only the way a wedding should be executed, but also how a couple in general would like to be treated throughout the wedding process was completely comforting. Aside from my excited nerves to marry my best friend and love of my life, I honestly wasn't freaking out over anything else. I knew you had it under control :) 
We are so happy we were able to work with you... You absolutely delivered! Marcos and I truly had an amazing wedding weekend and we thank you so much for your hand in that! 
Best regards, 
Marcos and Gisele Escalante    Oct. 2016

Terri, Words can't express how much your help and expertise made Sam and my wedding day exceptionally perfect. From the very beginning I knew that having a planner would be a big help, but I surely did not expect a wedding planner to do everything that you did for us. You were so accommodating throughout the whole process and answered any and every silly question I had. You made me feel welcome to ask you for help or accommodations. You never hesitated to respond nor tell us exactly whether our idea would work or not. That's something we truly appreciated. 

The day of the wedding - it rained. You had a "rain game plan" that worked out perfectly. You and your assistant made sure that the rain didn't get me down and had nothing but great things to say to put my mind at ease. In the end, we are glad it rained. It made for the most beautiful and intimate ceremony and our photos are to die for!! All of our guests have continued to praise our wedding and tell us just how our wedding was the best one they have ever been to!  Anything we needed or thought we needed was taken care of before it was even thought of.  I pictured being stressed as can be on our wedding day because I tend to want to be in control at all times, but I can say that I wasn't anything other than excited to walk down the aisle to marry my best friend. We honestly could not have done it without you.  If any of our future brides want to speak with one of your last brides please do send them my contact info.

Again, we can't thank you enough!

Karlie and Sam G.    Nov.  2016

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your help for our big day! It has been a real pleasure working with you & getting to know you!  Take Care!

Love, The Loves  Lauren & Tyler         Nov. 2016

Hi Terri, Hope you are well.  Thank you so much for all of your help with the wedding and making sure that it ran smoothly. It was a magically perfect evening.  Everything turned out exactly like we envisioned.

Again, thank you, we could not have done it without you.

Kind regards, Marissa and Pascal    Oct. 2016

We hired Terri to coordinate our wedding at the recommendation of our venue and several of our vendors. During the year prior to the wedding, Terri made herself available to answer logistical questions and help me plan and organize the look and feel of the reception area. She set me up with vendors to rent linens and chairs, and made several great recommendations for various other vendors. She was prompt in her communications and responses, and very organized. Terri asked lots of great questions and carefully listened to our wants and needs.

Come wedding, Terri was the backbone of our entire weekend. She kept us all on track, ensuring that all the events happened on time and continued flowing as they should. We didn't have to worry about a single thing on the day of the wedding.  It all organically turned out just as we wanted, thank in large part to Terri.

It was a pleasure to work with Terri. Any couple who secures her as their coordinator will be in exceptional hands.

Best, Megan and Joe    July 2016

Terri, Thank you so much for everything! It was wonderful work with you and I don't know how I would have pulled the day off without you!  I have nothing but wonderful things to say about you. All of our guests raved about the wedding and how perfect it was. 

Janelle and Cory    July 2016

Thank you sooo much for everything and these photos!!  I don't think our wedding day could have turned out any better.

Sarah and Chris S.      June 2016

Terri was such a blessing to have as a wedding coordinator. She was well organized, well prepared and took care of the overwhelming details that come with planning a wedding. Her demeanor was calming and gave us a sense of confidence when we were scattered. Our wedding was amazing and so perfect and knowing Terri was there to work out the details made all the difference.  Thank you Terri! 

Janet S., mother of bride Sarah     June 2016

We were fortunate to hire Terri on short notice after our original coordinator backed out. It was obvious that Terri was concerned about the amount of details that needed to be done upon hiring her and at times I felt overwhelmed by the amount of questions she asked me, but it was apparent that she was dedicated to making sure our wedding was everything we hoped for and more. She asked questions that never occurred to me, and she thought of solutions to help us save money on rental items which we appreciated. Terri made me feel like our wedding was her only wedding, even though I know she was fully booked.  Terri takes pride in execution of the details and ensuring that the bride and groom know exactly what to expect. On the day of the wedding Terri and her team accomplished so much in a short window of time and worked hard to keep everything running smoothly. She made it possible for us to enjoy the entire day. We really could not be happier with the way it all turned out.  We recommend hiring her and her staff. Her team is efficient, fast and reliable.  Terri knows Union Hill Inn very well, so if you plan to get married there, don't hesitate, call Terri!

Keralyn and Shawn   June 2016

Terri, The wedding was absolutely amazing - everything we hoped it would be and more - there isn't anything that we would have changed.

My mom and I are so happy w were able to work with you, we kept telling ourselves we wouldn't have known what to do without you! I can't imagine how people have weddings and don't work with you. I have received multiple comments on how nice everything was planned out. It was also great working with Celeste and Shannon. They were very helpful and made sure things ran smoothly the day of.  Thank you so much again,

Danielle and Lance    June 2015

Terri! What a whirlwind of a day! We could not have braved that storm without you. It's all so bittersweet now that it's over. You will always have a special place in our memories.  Please do keep in touch.

We're definitely a testament that the Hatfields and McCoys have made peace.

Franchesca and Josh Hatfield    May 2016

*Note I am a McCoy

Thank you so much for helping us coordinate our wedding in April 2015. You were so awesome and we can't thank you enough.

Van & Matt  April 2015

Our son's wedding at the Union Hill Inn was expertly coordinated by Terri, for a perfect day, despite the rain. Terri even showed up with a multitude of umbrellas for the bridal party, which made for fabulous photos and added to the fun.

We couldn't have picked a better planner. Her knowledge and experience is second to none. She is professional, straight-forward, knowledgeable and personable. She knows how to put everyone at ease with her kind and often humorous remarks, and is thoughtful and helpful. We owe you many thanks for a lovely day, was beyond what we could have hoped for.

Lisa L.         March 2016

Such an amazing team! Couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for making our day the most amazing day of our lives!!

Hannah and Jack       May 2016

Thank you for the photos and we enjoyed working with you.  It was definitely a magical day and you helped things run smoothly!! All I have gotten was compliments on everything!!!

Amy and Doug       March 2016

Terri, Thank you so much for all of your hard work, you truly made our event come to life and I can't thank you enough for being a part of our special day...everything went perfectly.  So sad our time together is over, we will definitely have to keep in touch.

Love, Erica and Chase N.     Dec. 2015

Thank you for being our rock during the wedding. We really don't know what we would have done if you weren't keeping everything in line. Keep in touch. We're forever grateful!!
Franchesca and Josh   May 2016  (a first note. Second note above.)

We are writing this letter to express our appreciation to Terri Neher for her exemplary service and organizational skills in planning and set up prior to our wedding day, as well as coordinating the day of. It was clear that she had a genuine desire to make our event special. She was very professional and creative with our event. She went above and beyond our expectations with a solid execution of what we imagined to be our perfect wedding. She listened to all of our desires and concerns and had many wonderful ideas and recommendations throughout our meetings and emails, helping us just the right amount. Her attention to details kept us organized and on time with our tasks, even with our last minute changes. Our wedding day was absolutely magical and everything we had hoped for! We were told by quite a few people that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. If there were challenges on the day of, we never knew about them. We would definitely recommend Terri as a wedding planner!

  Amanda and Tyler  January 2016

  Terri is awesome! I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding last weekend and was grateful at how smoothly everything went!  If I ever need an event planner - she will be my first choice!

Heidi U.  July 2015

Terri,  Words can't even begin to describe how thankful we are for your services. We were beyond satisfied with how our wedding turned out and we have you to thank for it. 

You helped everything feel so stress free the day of. Your attention to detail and professionalism did not go unnoticed by both us and our families.  You truly have a gift for what you do!

Thank you again so much for all of your help in making our day unbelievably beautiful and unforgettable.

Love, Tom and Aurora Evans    Dec 31, 2015

Terri Neher is absolutely amazing! Terri is organized, patient, caring, attentive and above all, an amazing wedding coordinator & planner! I really believe hiring Terri was the reason my husband and I were able to relax and enjoy not only our wedding, but the 18 month long planning process. Terri thoughtfully listened to all of our ideas and enthusiastically helped us implement them- even a last minute Cigar Bar for ¼ the cost a styling company wanted to charge us! I am still amazed by her ability to understand my ideas when I wasn’t even clear as to what I was asking for! lo
Terri is impeccably organized and kept us on schedule. We never had to worry that something was overlooked because Terri and her assistant were on it. Terri is diligently focused on the bride and grooms experience and I really appreciated that.
Her knowledge of our wedding venue, Union Hill Inn, was unbelievable. I called her numerous times to ask for measurements, suggestions, etc. I could not have done it without her.
The day of our wedding Terri kept us calm and handled unanticipated hiccups. Bottom line, Terri and her team are not only amazing at what they do but also really great people. You would be lucky to have her!
 Michelle & Bryan Deemer  Oct. 2015

Terri was everything we were looking for in a wedding planner. She brought with her years of experience and knew exactly what to do and what we needed for our wedding. We used a ranch for our venue, it was gorgeous, but I wanted to do a lot of DIY projects (thanks pinterest). Being the bride, it would have been impossible to set up everything that I wanted without Terri's help! She came the day before the wedding and helped us set everything up, and when we ran out of time and had to go get ready for rehearsal dinner she and her son stayed and cut down olive branches for our table decorations! I was planning on going back at night to finish that task and I didn't know until after the rehearsal dinner that she had done that. I was so thankful!! The day of the wedding was perfect. I spent 2-3 hours with Terri a few weeks before and gave her a detailed plan of where I wanted each project set up. She set everything up just how I wanted it and I didn't have to worry about it. It was wonderful! She was well worth the money! However, she was also more affordable than other wedding planners in the area too! We so appreciate all of your hard work and for making our day perfect! Thanks again Terri!

Kortni Gehri  Sept 2015

Terri, Thank you so much for your  expertise coordinating the wedding for Nichole and Jan.  Your calm and kind disposition set the tone for everything as Nichole claimed “It was absolutely perfect in all ways”.  As Mother of the Bride I appreciated you taking the initiative to direct all decisions to their preferences, your experience was evident in all areas of operation and your support team exceptional, continued success in making every couples Special Day extraordinary!  

Thank you, Jennifer Wilson  Sept 2015  

Terri, you are incredible. Thank you for making Val's dream wedding come true.  Using our ranch as the venue seemed daunting, but as it started to come together we knew we were in good hands. When the big day  arrived

everything was better than we had imagined, things flowed smoothly,

and we could not have asked for a more beautiful wedding for Val and Jorge.

We very much appreciate your help and hard work. Thank you, Terri!

Vickie and Dan V.  June 2015

Terri Neher was a pleasure to have as our wedding coordinator.  Her depth of experience and confidence, combined with her unassuming presence and easy-going nature make her very easy to work with and an excellent event coordinator.  From the first day working with Terri, she was genuinely open and receptive to our preferences and vision, while at the same time providing a variety of her own ideas and the invaluable perspective that comes with experience.
Terri worked closely with us in planning our event to ensure that all aspects of our wedding would be successful.  On our wedding day, there was an impending storm, and our wedding was outdoors with no indoor backup venue.  Despite this uncertainty, Terri remained calm and collected, and we could rest assured that Terri was doing everything possible to make our guests comfortable and make the event a success.  During our wedding, Terri was always available should we have any questions or concerns, but was unobtrusive and never in the way.  We are happy we chose Terri, we enthusiastically recommend her for any event planning or day-of coordination that you might need.
Cody and Josee J.   April 2015

To say that I recommend Terri would be an understatement.  When I first booked my wedding at Union Hill Inn, I was very nervous about the size and complexity of the property.  I called Terri to talk about her services and prices, and immediately got the most amazing vibe from her.  She was warm, clear, and confident in her abilities.  She told me all that she offered, and all that she would do, and I thought, for sure, she's going to be out of my price range... but to my elation, she was budget friendly.  We basically booked her on the spot, and I have never looked back at that decision and thought, "I wish I had done things differently"... she was my one, constant source of reassurance. Any question I had, fear I had, anything I was struggling with... I knew, that I could email her, and within the day, I would have a clear answer that would ease my fear and give me clarity on what to do.  
When the day finally approached, she was everything she said she would be and more. 
Her team was helpful, sweet, warm and moved fast!  
The day before my wedding, we set up, and she worked so great with me and her team to make sure the room looked exactly like I wanted.  When I realized that I had accidentally under ordered chairs, she was on the phone with the company, making sure we got more ordered, and a plan B in place just in case.  
The day of my wedding, I barely noticed Terri.... which is really extraordinary... she was very busy, and working like crazy... but me as the Bride... had no idea of anything going on with the back end stuff. 
I was truly able to enjoy my day and everything went off without a hitch.  
Do yourself the favor, ease your stress, and let Terri take care of your needs by booking Events Extraordinaire!
Mrs. Catherine Nelson    Feb. 2015

Hi Terri,
We cannot express enough our deepest gratitude and appreciation for ALL of your help coordinating Stephanie & Kurt's Wedding Day.  From our initial meeting, through the planning, setting up, rehearsal and wedding day, you have been amazing.  Each step was calmly and efficiently calculated and coordinated.  You answered all of our questions and did not hesitate to provide helpful hints.  You definitely know your stuff.  We will recommend you over and over again.  Everyone is complimenting us on such a beautiful ceremony and reception.  Thank you again for your professionalism and patience.
Doug & Susan Swift     Jan. 2015

Hi Terri,
Garry and I would like to thank you for all of your help with Katy and Matt's wedding. 
All of us were so pleased with the entire weekend and things would not have gone so smoothly without all of your help.  The beautiful venue, the cooperative weather and spending the weekend with family and friends certainly will be remembered for a long time.
Thank you for sharing the pictures of the venue and the chapel on Facebook and we will share our pictures as soon as we get them back.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family and once again thank you for all of your help in making this a special weekend for all of our family.
Sincerely,   Garry and Jill Fisk.    Dec. 2014

Terri, thank you so much for all of your hard work, you truly made our event come to life and I can't thank you enough for being a part of our special day...everything went perfectly :) So sad our time together is over, we will definitely have to keep in touch :)
Erica and Chase Nelson     Dec. 2014

Terri is amazing at what she does. Her guidance and expertise helped relieve so much stress and helped us create the perfect wedding. After finding our venue we only had 3 months to put our wedding together. We were a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities and lived about 6 hours away from the venue.  From the initial meeting through following up with us after the event Terri's organization and professionalism was exactly what we needed to help it all come together.  She made it possible for us to actually enjoy the process instead of stressing over all the details.  She should be the first person you call when you start planning your wedding.
-Mariellen and Blake Ghavami     Nov. 2014

Dear Terri,  Thank you so much for everything you have done to make our day special.
We appreciate your talent, kindness, generosity and awesomeness more than you know.
We hope our paths cross with you again one day.
Many Blessings, CJ and Tami E.    Oct 2014

I can't imagine our wedding without Terri. We thought we had all of the little details down, but with all of the intricacies of our venue, we realized we had no idea how the day was going to run smoothly while we were so distracted by the desire to spend time with our loved ones and the excitement of getting married. As soon as we met Terri, we knew we had nothing to worry about. Her amazing powers of organization put us at ease and it was apparent that she knew the venue inside and out. As expected, our big day went beautifully and seamlessly; everything happened exactly as we wanted and we didn't even have to think about it. I would recommend Terri to anyone who wants to relax and enjoy their wedding day knowing that someone very capable has it all under control. 
Cheers,    Nikki and Darren   Aug. 2014

Terri, Thank you for all of your great work with the wedding.  It was
such a pleasure working with you.  We couldn't have done it without a great
wedding coordinator like you.
Love, Jessica and Brandon G.      Aug. 2014

Terri, Thank you for making wedding even better.
Couldn't have done it without you!
You are a blessing!
God bless, Ken & Jaemi      July 2014

Terri, Thanks so much for being a great wedding planner.
We really enjoyed working with you.
Take care, Lisa and Kat      July 2014

Without a doubt, the best money I spent on my wedding! From the start, Terri was warm, confident in her ability to pull off a flawless wedding, and more than helpful! She was proactive, listened to our desires, and executed our vision perfectly; and I didn't have to worry about a thing, day of!  She thought about things I wouldn't have, and really has a knack for organization and detail! I strongly recommend hiring her and her assistant no matter what your budget; she's worth every penny (although very reasonable)! I couldn't have made it through without Terri!
Danielle S    June 2014

Terri, Thank you so much.  Words can't express how much you helped.
All of your support & calmness made everything go so smoothly.
You were the best wedding planning decision we made.
Love, Jim & Alice A.     June 2007
Terri, Thank you so very much for Being You! You have helped to make this day a wonderful memory for me!

Love, Lisa B.    June 2007

I am pleased to recommend Terri Neher for any upcoming events.
She is smart, friendly & willing to make sure the party is a huge success.
I think you will be pleased to have her plan a wonderful event for your friends & family.
Debbie H.    May 2003

Dear Terri,  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the services you provided for us. Because of your exquisite personality and conscientious way of organizing, our wedding day was beautiful. We cannot thank you enough for the personal touches and caring you put into our wedding.   Additionally,
our family & guests commented on your professionalism and accommodating personality.
Without reservation we will recommend you to friends & family for your services.
With love & appreciation, Damon & Dayna C.    Aug. 2005

We planned an 80th birthday party for my husband, we knew the dates but the arrangements were unsolved,  that was until we contacted Events Extraordinaire! They were creative, resourceful and enthusiastic.  It is a pleasure to recommend Events Extraordinaire to anyone who anticipates having a special event.
Marjorie G.     May 2004

Without Events Extraordinaire my wedding day would have been a total disaster! I honestly think I would have been a bald bride! I had no idea the time I would save and the stress I would avoid with your help.
So thank you for keeping me from pulling all my hair out!
Kelly B.    Oct. 2003

 Terri and her team helped make my daughter's wedding reception come together beautifully. Terri's assistance throughout the entire planning process really helped to keep the stress level down.
The organization and attention to detail was more than I had expected.
Kari G.    June 2008

We had the pleasure of working with Terri while planning our wedding. From the first time we met with Terri, it was clear she was focused on ensuring our wedding day was nothing less than amazing. Terri spent time getting to know us on a personal level, while making sure she truly understood our vision for the big day. When the day came, Terri was fabulous! She was quick to fix the little problems that arose and made sure the event was enjoyable for all of our guests.  She worked extremely hard to make certain our day would be unforgettable.
Our wedding day was magnificent thanks to all of the help Terri provided.
 We would highly recommend her as a wedding consultant, or for help with any social event. She is fun to work with and her creativity and desire to please those around her make working with her a delightful experience.
Annie & Kenny H.    Aug. 2008

We just want to thank you for all of your help - you did a wonderful job, and
made our wedding stress free!
Shannon & Adam O.    June 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The wedding was perfect!  We've heard nothing but rave reviews! You were both delightful to work with. You kept your cool and were so patient with all the Crazy before the wedding. 
Your expertise and care during the rehearsal and wedding day was a blessing to us.
 Thank you, Sibyll O.   Aug. 2009

We can't thank you enough for your help in creating a beautiful wedding and reception. Everything went smoothly and turned out better than we could have imagined.  Sara and Eddy were so happy, and we received countless compliments about he beautiful site, and the helpful and professional staff.  Your coordination efforts were not only profession, but lots of fun for everyone involved.  We felt so supported and nurtured in what could have been a scary experience.
Kathy and Allan R.    Sept. 2009

Thank you so much for all of your help at our wedding and for making our special day less stressful! Without your help we would not have had the time to enjoy ourselves!  We will recommend you to everyone we know!
Thanks again, Laura and Dave K.    Sept. 2010

Thank you so much for all of your hard work to ensure Kayla and Patrick's Big Day would go by without a hitch.  Everything was beautiful.  We had so much fun! It was great knowing you were handling all the details for us,
and that we could relax and enjoy the day.
Thanks again, Steve and Cheri F.     June 2011

I want to thank you for helping me to put on a wonderful shower for Marissa.  Several people told me it was the "best". The space was just right and the decorations were perfect.
Belinda B.     June 2012

Hi Terri...Just wanted to say thank you so much for making Betsy and Martha's day spectacular.
Your help and expertise made the day just perfect!
 The day was absolutely perfect and you made it so much easier!
Sofia W.    June 2012

Thank you again for everything!  You made it very easy for us to truly enjoy every minute of our Big Day
and it was quite stress-free because of all the work you did! 
We had a wonderful time working with you, but best of all we made a new dear friend!
With love, Maryal and Jeremiah F.    May 2012

Terri Neher from Events Extraordinaire was a big contributor to the success of our daughter’s wedding day this past September. We are from the Bay Area and the wedding was held at Union Hill in Sonora. The distance could have been a challenge, but because of Terri’s expertise and knowledge of the Gold Country and all its vendors and facilities, the wedding came thru with flying colors. She was there for the rehearsal and all day on the day of the wedding, making sure everything was flowing smoothly. Attention to even the smallest details was exercised.
We highly recommend her services.
Michelle and Sam Koka      Alameda, CA        Sept 2012 

I love to plan events and initially thought I could do everything for my wedding all by myself. I soon realized that I would need some help so that I could actually enjoy my wedding day!  I knew I needed a day-of coordinator and Union Hill Inn (our wedding venue) referred us to Terri with Events Extraordinaire.  Terri ended up being so much more than just a day-of coordinator.   We met with Terri about 5 times in person and corresponded countless times via email - she is extremely responsive and knowledgable.  Terri helped us through the planning phase, during the execution phase, and she was essential during the wedding rehearsal and wedding day. She even helped us by shopping around at thrift stores and picking up some items - all above and beyond what we could have ever asked for. She truly provided a stress-free wedding day! Terri was the reason why our wedding was seamless and perfect. We constantly had people tell us that our wedding was one of the best that they have ever been to and we can thank Terri for being the backbone of the day. Terri went above and beyond our highest expectations. Her services were worth 10x more than what she charges.  Thank you to Terri! We couldn't have asked for more!
Steph and Jeff K.   May 2012

Thank you for all that you did and dealing with me in a constant panic! You were a great help I am very glad
that we had you there and you made everything beautiful!!!
Megan and Wesley M.   July 2012

Terri is the Events Extraordinaire!
A gorgeously smooth and lovely wedding day we had due to having Terri the extraordinaire by our side. Her expertise and her down to earth personality really made for a wonderful experience. I never understood until I got married how important a wedding coordinator is, a person who sets your day, your time and allowing you to  truly enjoy the day of your dreams.  Thanks again Terri!
Danielle and Ty    Sept. 2012

Thank you so very much for all of your help with Katrina and Glenn's wedding!
You were amazing, and we could not have done the wedding without you.
Thank you for all of your advice and council.
Thanks again, Ed and Jayne F.    April 2013

Terri,  We can't thank you enough for all that you did to make our daughter Karlie's wedding day so special. It was just a beautiful day and so stress free.  You handled everything from the rehearsal to the reception professionally and with great care and kindness. You have no idea how much we appreciate it.  Karlie and I both pay very close attention to detail, and so did you. 
Thank you for your hard work!
Kim and Kevin B., parents of bride, and Karlie and Blake G., bride and groom           Aug. 2013

When I came to my wedding, I was beyond excited to plan one of my most important days of my life! I love planning parties, organizing and's fun. But when it came down to the day of my wedding I couldn't be more relieved that Terri was there. From the meetings we had before, the fabulous vendors she was able to recommend and knowing Union Hill Inn like the back of her hand...made our day PERFECT! Absolutely nothing went "wrong" everything went as hoped for.
I would recommend Terri, and have, for any event
- Ashley and Mike Vergara       Oct. 2013

Terri,  I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with coordinating our special day. You were extremely attentive and listened closely to my requests, focusing your energy on projects you knew to be the most stressful for me. It was wonderful having you available to answer questions or deal with concerns leading up to the wedding and even nicer having you there the day of the wedding so that I could relax and enjoy the day instead of worrying about what to do next. I really appreciated removing the burden of herding people around from my guests, so that they too could relax and just have fun. It was as stress free of a day as any bride and groom could ask for. Thank you so much.
Sincerely,   Gretchen and Jerry Gilleland        March 2014

Thank you for everything!! We had an amazing time!!
Sierra and Tony B.       Feb. 2014

To whom it may concern,
Planning a large wedding and reception can be intimidating even to most experienced party hostess but thanks to Terri Neher and her Events Extraordinaire team, my daughter's wedding at Union Hill Inn went off without a hitch. Terri is extremely organized, focused and very experienced.  She is intimately familiar with the Union Hill Inn venue and its owner, knowledge that was invaluable to the seamless flow of the wedding day...... The wedding and reception were flawless, largely due to Terri Neher.
She is worth her weight in gold!  If you are looking for a wedding or event coordinator I cannot recommend Terri Neher enough.
 It was most definitely money well spent!
Warm Regards,  Heidi Ward               Apr. 2014

Hi Terri,
Thank you for sending these pictures over! They are great.
Also, thanks for all of the help during our wedding weekend. We couldn't have done it without ya!  Everything was taken
care of very professionally and the day was absolutely perfect for us.  We appreciate everything you and Celeste did.
Thank you!
Brittany and Louis S.        May 2014

Terri, Thank you so much for all of your help, with everything!
My wedding could not have survived or gone on without you
and your gift of planning.
Sabrina and Nick        Mar. 2014

We couldn't have had our big day with out Terri's help. Terri isn't just a day of coordinator she is a life saver and wedding coach. She was highly accessible and knowledgable about the local area of Sonora. She even lent you her own possession to make our wedding that much more special. Terri  called and emailed me to check in when she hadn't heard from me in awhile. She is very on top of everything and is HIGHLY AFFORDABLE. Terri has a crew of assistants you can also add on to help manage your big day for a small cost. I would recommend doing this as you can never have too many extra hands on deck. We were very pleased with Terri's patience, ideas and voice of support. Terri looks out for you before and after your big day!
Annie & Austin     May 10, 2014

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